Central Basin Water Rights Panel

The Central Groundwater Basin is adjudicated and managed by the Water Replenishment District as the Administrative Entity. The Central Basin Water Rights Panel is comprised of three bodies: Water Rights Panel; Administrative Body; and Storage Panel to govern issues pertaining to parties with groundwater pumping rights. Several water purveyors within Central Basin's service area have groundwater pumping rights and do not purchase imported water, however, they benefit indirectly through groundwater replenishment of imported water. For more information, please see their website: http://cbwatermaster.org/about.html

San Gabriel River Watermaster

The water supply of the San Gabriel River System is divided at Whittier Narrows, the boundary between San Gabriel Valley upstream and Los Angeles County downstream. The area downstream from Whittier Narrows receives a quantity of water from the San Gabriel River system, which includes usable surface flow and subsurface flow at Whittier Narrows. Entered in 1965, the Long Beach Judgment provides an adjudication of Upper and Lower Areas on the San Gabriel River supply through Whittier Narrows and is administered by the court appointed San Gabriel River Watermaster.

San Gabriel Valley Protective Association

The San Gabriel Valley Protective Association (SGVPA) is a nonprofit cooperative corporation formed in 1920 after the San Gabriel River was apportioned into "Upper" and "Lower" areas for the purpose of protecting water rights of users of the San Gabriel River water. Central Basin represents the Lower Area as a Producer Member along with San Gabriel Valley MWD, Upper San Gabriel Valley MWD, the Water Replenishment District and the City of Glendora. The SGVPA provides groundwater level data on over 100 wells to the Los Angeles County Flood Control District and appoints a distribution committee to determine where spreading water would be most effective to maintain groundwater aquifers.