Annual Water Use Report 

The District’s Annual Water Use report summarizes the total amount of water, by type, for each retail agency. This report is generated for agencies with an imported water service connection. Included in this report is information related to precipitation and temperature.

Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) 

Central Basin provides updates to its UWMP to the California Department of Water Resources every five years. The report includes current and projected water supplies, demonstrates water reliability for future use and provides a comprehensive overview of the Districts programs designed to provide assistance to the cities and agencies it serves.  

Drought Response Tool

Central Basin supports retail agencies in developing conservation programs to help achieve mandatory water reduction targets.  A Drought Response Plan has been provided as a reliable tool used to identify water saving opportunities. It is a simple and effective spreadsheet developed to assist agencies in areas that include: Evaluating baseline water use; Identifying customer sectors; Evaluating a menu of drought response actions; Estimating water savings potential; and Tracking compliance with the water conservation standards set forth by the SWRCB.