Demonstration Gardens

map of demonstration gardens

Central Basin has completed five demonstration gardens in cities throughout the service area. These gardens highlight the state's native plants and serve as a water efficient model for outdoor landscape design.

The California Department of Water Resources awarded Central Basin with a grant that made this project possible. Funds from this grant were generated from Proposition 50 and each garden received a base amount of $10,000.

Between 2,000 and 10,000 sq. feet of turf was removed from each garden and replaced with drought tolerant plants and water permeable decomposed granite. The demonstration gardens were created to motivate community members to use sustainable landscaping. In an average household, the majority of water is consumed outdoors; in fact grass uses 50% more water than any other outdoor plant. Replacing water-thirsty grass with drought tolerant landscape makes sustainable gardening second nature.

Below are images of the five demonstration gardens. Construction has been completed at the historic Sanchez Adobe in Montebello, South Gate Park in South Gate and Clara Park in Cudahy. Construction is nearly complete at Laurel Station along the Greenway Trail in Whittier and will soon start at El Rancho Verde Park in Cerritos.
Montebello - Sanchez Adobe

View Conceptual Plant List for Sanchez Adobe Garden

South Gate - South Gate Park

View Conceptual Plant List for South Gates Park Garden

Whittier - Laurel Station Whittier
Cudahy - Clara Park

View Conceptual Plant List For Clara Park

Cerritos - El Rancho Verde Park