Water Saving Tips

Additional household conservation tips:

Conserving Water - Faucet Running water
Leaving the water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes can waste hundreds of gallons of valuable water. By taking a few seconds to turn off the faucet, you're conserving water.
Conserving Water - Carwash Car wash
If you wash your car at home, save water by using a bucket and low-flow shut off spray nozzle when you need to rinse the car.
Use a broom instead of the water hose for sweeping your driveway.
Conserving Water - Laundry Laundry
Make the most of your wash by doing full loads. Also, high-efficiency washing machines not only save you water but they also save you electricity and detergent. Check with your water provider or retail store for available rebates.
Toilets Toilets
Did you know that more than half of all our indoor water use is from our toilets? Using toilets as trash cans wastes water. Installing a high-efficiency toilet is also a great way to save water and money.
Showers Showers
Turn off the water when you're not using it. Low-flow showerheads are also a great idea to conserve water.
Outdoor Cleaning Outdoor Cleaning
Water brooms are one of the newest water saving devices. Their unique technology uses a combination of air and water pressure that leaves a clean surface. Although the use of traditional brooms is recommended, it is also recognized that when health is a factor using water may be more appropriate. A water broom is a great alternative to use when traditional brooms cannot thoroughly clean a surface. For information on where to purchase a water broom please visit www.watermiser.com.
Get involved Get involved
Stay informed and participate in your local community's conservation efforts. Nothing fuels a conservation program like public support.