Inspection Trips

Each year, Central Basin and the Metropolitan Water District host inspection trips to Southern California's water delivery systems. During the behind-the-scenes educational tours, community leaders have the unique opportunity to sit down with industry experts to discuss pressing water issues and policies. Additionally, stakeholders tour the massive infrastructure that brings water straight to our homes. 

The inspection trips that are typically offered include: the Colorado River Aqueduct, State Water Project and Diamond Valley Lake. Local tours to Central Basin's facilities are also offered. 

Due to COVID-19, the MWD Sponsored Inspection Trips are currently on hiatus. Please check back for updates for the 2021 fall season. 

Colorado River Aqueduct 
Colorado River Aqueduct
A 3-day tour, this trip will take guests through the expedition of the Colorado River Aqueduct. Highlights of the trip include visiting the Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir and a pumping plant in Lake Havasu where water from the Colorado River enters Metropolitan's system. Tour stops may also include: Copper Basin, Parker Dam and the Parker Dam power plant. 

State Water Project

State Water ProjectA two-day tour, this trip will take guests on an flight to Sacramento for a tour along the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta, a major water supply source for 25 million residents. The tour stops may include: Lake Oroville, Harvey O. Banks Pumping Plant and the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta.  

Diamond Valley Lake
Diamond Valley LakeThe one-day tour takes guests to a scenic view of Diamond Valley Lake. Tour stops also may include: drive over West Dam, Clayton Record overlook, Western Center of Archeology and Paleontology, and Lake Skinner Treatment Plant.