high efficiency toilets

Premium High Efficiency Toilets

Rebate Starting at $40

Premium high efficiency toilets use 1.1 gallons per flush, that's almost 20% less water than other devices. Replace your old fixture and save your business will save water and money! To view the toilets that qualify and to apply, visit https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/premium-high-efficiency-toilets/

ToiletUltra Low and Zero Water Urinals

Rebate Starting at $200

Ultra low water urinals and zero water urinals are an effective way to conserve water in public restrooms. Ultra low water urinals can reduce water use by 88% while the zero water urinals can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per year. To start saving today, visit https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/zero-water-and-ultra-low-water-urinals/ to see the list of qualifying devices and to begin your application.

Plumbing Flow Control ValvesPlumbing Flow Control Valves

Rebate Starting at $5 per flow control valve

Flow control valves are designed to restrict the water flow in faucets and showers while maintain the same pressure. Installing flow restrictors can result in water savings of up to 20%. The minimum quantity required to obtain the rebate is 20 valves. To begin your application, visit https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/plumbing-flow-control-valves/

Connectionless Food SteamerConnectionless Food Steamer

Rebates Starting at $485 per compartment

Many restaurants use food steamers to keep food warm or to maintain it. Such devices use a significant amount of water; however, new connectionless food steamers can save an average of 81,500 gallons of water per year. To start saving both water and money, visit https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/connectionless-food-steamers/ to download the list of qualifying devices and to begin your application.

Air Cooled Ice MachinesAir Cooled Ice Machines

Rebate Starting at $1000

Ice making machines use more water to cool the system than to make ice. In fact, commercial ice makers use between 15 - 25 gallons of water to make 100 pounds of ice cubes and on top of that, the machines use between 130 - 180 gallons of water to cool the system. Water efficient ice machines are air cooled rather than water cooled. To start your savings today, visit https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/air-cooled-ice-machines/

Laminar Flow Restrictor Example ImageLaminar Flow Restrictors

Rebate Starting at $10 (minimum of 10 required)

Laminar flow restrictors, that limit the flow of water to a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute or lower, are eligible for a rebate. Such devices can save up to 7,500 gallons per device. For more details visit, https://socalwatersmart.com/en/commercial/rebates/available-rebates/commercial-devices/laminar-flow-restrictors/