central basin

Established in 1952, Central Basin Municipal Water District (District) is a water wholesaler that provides imported water to 40 retail water providers and one water wholesaler including: cities, mutual water companies, investor-owned utilities and private companies in southeast Los Angeles County. The District purchases imported water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

With a vision to secure water supplies in southeast Los Angeles, Central Basin also provides the region with recycled water for municipal, commercial and industrial use.

Today, the District serves 1.6 million people from 24 cities and unincorporated areas in southeast Los Angeles and is governed by an eight member board.

Our Strategic Plan

Central Basin is guided by its Strategic Plan, which acts as a blueprint for the District's goals and objectives over the next three years. The Strategic Plan was developed under the guidance of the Board of Directors and senior management, and included feedback from local retail water providers. 

Central Basin has made significant progress in meeting the goals identified in its Strategic Plan. To highlight the progress, challenges faced and goals for the future, Central Basin has developed the FY 15-16 Strategic Plan Annual Report

Our Mission

The mission of the Central Basin Municipal Water District is to deliver reliable and high-quality water, as well as recycled water services to its customers and communities through effective and collegial partnerships with its retailers and other wholesalers.

Our Vision

Central Basin Municipal Water District is an innovative, responsive, and effective steward of the water service and management responsibility entrusted to it.

Our Goals

Water Reliability - Central Basin will partner with its retailers and wholesalers to provide a level of regional water reliability that ensures customers' water needs are met.

Financial Integrity - Central Basin will manage its financial resources in a responsible, effective, and transparent fashion.

Stewardship - Central Basin will act as responsible stewards of human and capital resource assets.

Communications - Central Basin will proactively engage, inform, and respond to its customers, purveyors, community leaders, and employees.

Formation & Purpose

Central Basin was established by a vote of the people to help mitigate the over-pumping of underground water resources in southeast Los Angeles County. District founders realized they would have to curtail the use of relatively inexpensive yet diminishing local groundwater by providing the region with imported water. In 1954, Central Basin became a member agency of MWD, an agency which provides the region with imported water. The eight Central Basin Directors appoint two representatives to the 38-member MWD Board of Directors. Central Basin is one of the largest member agencies of the MWD.

Municipal Water District Act

Central Basin was formed by the California Legislature under the Municipal Water District Law of 1911 (Water Code Section 71000). Central Basin is a governmental agency authorized under Section 71000 of the California Water Code for the purpose of providing an adequate supply of water within its service area.